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Illis Art is launching a new product, the second in the brand’s history; DISC – an elegant and glossy platter resting on three black spheres.

“The incentive behind Illis Art is curiosity. We wanted to explore the old-fashioned way of producing mirrors, where a hand-blown glass DISC and a liquid silver solution create a mirroring surface.”

The journey began in a glass blowing studio in the outskirts of Stockholm. In our research, we used the same craftsman that made the prototypes of our first product; the BUD vase.

When receiving this beautiful and delicate hand made silver disc, we instantly stated it’s potential to play a significant role in any table setting. There was no doubt we needed to develop a product that inherited the qualities of this art piece.

As well as the BUD vase, DISC is a result of close collaboration with craftsmen in Sweden, more specifically on the island of Gotland. The glossy top is made of stainless steel and the black aluminum spheres are lathed.

DISC captures the light in the room. Decorative objects and atmospheres reflect beautifully. Like our BUD vase, DISC adorns the home alone, with nothing on top – it conveys an ornament in solitude.

DISC is made of polished stainless steel and therefore sensitive for scratches. 

To us, some patina gives each piece its own history. Wash by hand and wipe dry with microfiber cloth. Use normal non-abrasive dishwashing liquid. When necessary, use silver polish. 

Material: Stainless steel, aluminum

Size: Ø 270 mm, h 42 mm

Shipping within Sweden: 100 SEK
Shipping outside of Sweden: 250 SEK