About us

Illis Art comes from a vision of breaking the traditional way of producing and consuming design. Illis Art questions the way in which design and fashion are produced, marketed and sold today. From our point of view, creative business are being increasingly controlled by uniformity, copies and stress. Illis Art is based on other driving forces.
The incentive behind Illis Art is curiosity. Every project is inspired by people, meetings and materials.
"We want to work in a floating, open process where the final object is based on our vision and style, but nevertheless is influenced by everything that happens along the way".
Illis Art is founded by Sofia Almqvist and Sophie Soop. Sofia is a designer with a degree from Konstfack and has experience from both art and commercial design contexts, independent as well as for other companies. Sophie has a background in the fashion industry and is today a consultant in digital branding and e-commerce.